Graduate School

Faculty & Staff Resources

At Baylor, our commitment to excellence extends to our faculty and staff. We tailor our resources to meet their needs by offering a diverse array of support services meticulously designed to enhance their experience and contribute to their success in advancing the university's mission.

Graduate Program Directors & Coordinators

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Graduate Program Directors & Coordinators play a pivotal role in managing graduate programs, overseeing curriculum development, facilitating student admissions and assistantships, budgeting, and academic governance.

Recruitment & Admissions

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Graduate programs benefit from recruitment funding, enrollment networking events, and comprehensive guides to streamline the admissions process. These tools enhance outreach efforts and ensure adherence to admission requirements.


Navigating the academic journey can be both exciting and challenging, and effective mentorship plays a pivotal role in fostering success. Whether you're a seasoned faculty member looking to enhance your mentoring skills or a graduate student seeking guidance on your academic and professional path, our curated collection of resources aims to empower and support you. 

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Your Graduate Students

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Faculty and staff have access to essential resources for graduate student support and success, spanning the payroll and Teacher of Record processes, as well as requisite academic record forms for seamless degree completion. 

For Graduate Faculty

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Learn more about resources tailored to empower graduate faculty, including updates from the Graduate Council, a listing of all graduate faculty, and membership of the Graduate Curriculum Committee. 

GPS Faculty Development Workshops

The Graduate School has expanded its professional development workshops (GPS) to include Graduate Faculty Development. We invite Graduate Program Directors and Graduate faculty to join us in these workshops as we work together to improve graduate education at Baylor.

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